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Sir Thomas More Scenes

Scene 1


(Apprentice Harry; Apprentice Robin; Apprentice Kit)

The apprentices have taken the riot to heart as an excuse to bash in people’s heads, even fighting with each other. (10 lines)

Enter three or four Apprentices of trades, with a pair of cudgels.


Come, lay down the cudgels. Ho, Robin, you met us well at Bunhill, to have you with us a Maying this morning.


Faith, Harry, the head drawer at the Miter by the great Conduit called me up, and we went to breakfast into St. Anne’s Lane. But come, who begins? In good faith, I am clean out of practice. When wast at Garret’s school, Harry?


Not this great while, never since I brake his usher’s head, when he played his scholar’s prize at the Star in Bread Street. I use all to George Philpot’s at Dowgate; he’s the best backswordman in England.


“Bate me an ace of that,” quoth Bolton.


I’ll not bate ye a pin on’t, sir; for, by this cudgel, ’tis true.


I will cudgel that opinion out of ye. Did you break an usher’s head, sir?


Aye, marry, did I, sir.


I am very glad on ’t. You shall break mine too, and ye can.


Sirrah, I prithee, what art thou?


Why, I am a prentice as thou art; seest thou now? I’ll play with thee at blunt here in Cheapside, and when thou hast done, if thou beest angry, I’ll fight with thee at sharp in More fields. I have a sword to serve my turn in a favor. ..come Julie, to serve...



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