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Twelfth Night Characters

Sir Andrew Aguecheek is an unfortunate fellow. He is tall and very thin, with pale hair that lies flat and lanky, though he may occasionally attempt to curl it.

He is quarrelsome and a coward, a drunk, and very stupid. He is also very rich, though he does not realize that this is why Sir Toby appears to like him. He throws away his money almost without realizing it, and according to Sir Toby can play music and speak three or four languages, though this rumor is quickly put to rest. (He can speak a few words of French, though.) He himself admits that he has spent most of his time fencing, dancing, and bear-baiting. Toby has brought him to Olivia’s with the promise of helping him marry her. In verbal games, he is completely outclassed by Sir Toby, not least because he does not understand half the words Toby uses. Featherbrained, his mind flits from subject to subject, and Sir Toby plays him easily. He enjoys a good song. In the past, he was once adored by someone. His mention of this may be a moment of realization, or a boast. The latter interpretation sits well with his general childishness, such as his swearing to sue Sebastian for hitting him, even if he did start it himself. We do not know his reaction when Sir Toby finally tells him to his face exactly what he is.



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