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The Two Noble Kinsmen Scenes

Scene 4

Another part of the forest near Athens.

(Jailer’s Daughter)

Still searching for Palamon, the Jailer’s Daughter has lost control of her wits. As she wanders, searching for food, she sings an old song. (26 lines)

Enter Jailer’s Daughter.


I am very cold, and all the stars are out too,

The little stars and all, that look like aglets.

The sun has seen my folly. Palamon!

Alas, no; he’s in heaven. Where am I now?

Yonder’s the sea, and there’s a ship. How’t tumbles!

And there’s a rock lies watching under water;

Now, now, it beats upon it—now, now, now!

There’s a leak sprung, a sound one. How they cry!

Open her before the wind! You’ll lose all else.

Up with a course or two, and tack about, boys!

Good night, good night, y’ are gone. I am very hungry:

Would I could find a fine frog! He would tell me

News from all parts o’ th’ world. Then would I make

A carreck of a cockleshell, and sail

By east and north-east to the King of Pigmies,

For he tells fortunes rarely. Now my father,

Twenty to one, is truss’d up in a trice

Tomorrow morning; I’ll say never a word.


“For I’ll cut my green coat a foot above my knee,

And I’ll clip my yellow locks an inch below mine e’e.

Hey, nonny, nonny, nonny.

He s’ buy me a white cut, forth for to ride,

And I’ll go seek him through the world that is so wide.

Hey, nonny, nonny, nonny.”

O for a prick now, like a nightingale,

To put my breast against! I shall sleep like a top else.



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